So What Is Holding You Back From Success: We all want success. We just do not know how to get there from here. We look at our present situation and say that this is not what we want. We have a spouse who is not cooperative enough (or maybe no spouse at all), kids who are not appreciative enough, a house that is not big enough, a car that is not fancy enough, friends that are not available enough, or anything else that is just not good enough. We are jealous of the all the expensive things our neighbor has. We blame our situation, the weather, the economy, our boss, or whatever else we can think of, for our failure. Why can we not get what we want?

The first mistake we are making is that we are focusing on the things that we do not want. If we are always noticing about how our kids are not appreciative enough, our kids will know what we expect them to be unappreciative and will live up to those expectations and just get more and more unappreciative. This principle applies to everything. The world in general will live up to our expectations. If we are always noticing how small our house is, it will seem to become smaller and smaller in our minds. If we are jealous that someone else has something we want, then we are focusing on the fact that we do not have it and we will continue to not have it. If we blame the economy for our lack of success, then not only are we focusing on the fact that we are failing but we are giving up control of that situation. We are letting the economy control whether we get what we want.

What Is Holding You Back From Success

We are becoming a powerless victim. That is not where we want to be. The first and foremost factor in creating success is taking responsibility for what happens in our lives. We must also notice what is good in our lives, and expect more of it.

The second mistake we make is that we have a unempowering opinion of ourselves. Fear is the number one thing that prevents most people from succeeding. We are afraid that we will fail; or we are afraid that if we are successful we will not be able to handle it. It boils down to a lack of self confidence. We do not trust in our abilities. We do not have faith that we can succeed, and that we can handle it when it happens. We do not have faith that we can handle any problems that will come up. This is why people procrastinate, and try to figure out how to solve every possible thing that could go wrong before they start. They never get started in time to catch the window of opportunity. Successful people have faith in themselves, and the self-confidence to know that they will be able to deal with problems as they arise.

When it comes to achieving success, we are often our own worst enemy. When we are unhappy with everything we have and when we don’t think we have what it takes to be successful, we are stuck. Our mind is full of negative, unhappy, unsupportive thoughts, so it stops us from getting from what we want and often from even trying. Achieving success is mostly a matter of retraining our mind to be appreciative, positive, and supportive.



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